Little Destiny Literacy and Child Development Center

MS. Melissa- I have worked in the field of early childhood for 15 years as a Prek teacher. I have my AAS in Early Childhood and I am currently completing my Bachelors of Science in Early Care & Education. The early years are the mos most important years of young child's life "I believe by offering them a positive, enriched environment will ensure they have later school success". 

Ms. Chandra is co-owner and executive director. I have been in the field of early childhood for over 20 years. I have an Associates degree in Early childhood, BA in Early Care and Education, and a M.Ed in Educational Management. I believe children need hands on experiences to learn about their environment and the world. Giving children the opportunity to explore in their environment a guide their learning process "says we as educators value their ideas and processes". Lastly Literacy opens the door to their learning. Daily reading bmakes all topics come to life.

Ms. Sharon I  worked in the field of early childhood for over 10 years, I currently have a Bachelors of Science in Early Childhoods Education.

"I belive that children wil llearn  at their own pace, and it is our job as educators to discover and build upon their strenghts and weaknesses".